The Best Free Antivirus Software of the Year

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This guide is for you if you are overwhelmed by how many choices there are when it comes to protecting your computer. And these options we will suggest are free.

If you upgraded to windows 10, you probably already know that it comes with a build-in antivirus software. And yes you shouldn’t put your trust in it. It is not particulary bad but it comes with a higher risk of attacks if you rely only on windows defender.

To be completely safe from malware and infections you should be using more advanced security system with anti-ransomware and anti-malware and frequent updates.

It is worth noting that when you opt in for a free antivirus solution, many companies will advert for premium options as well as collect data to improve their product.

  1. Bitdender

Features: Phishing protection, automatic scanning and behavioral analysis.

It has an excellent virus protection and it scans your files quickly, however, the scans can’t be schedule with the free version.

It is light on your computer and has a user-friendly is however insistence on running on autopilot so it takes out of your hands.

  • Avast

Features: Virus protection, password manager, gaming mode and malware scanner

Avast greatest feature, in our opinion, is that it doesn’t slow down the computer. It has a downside of having annoying privacy settings which links to paid-for compnents.

With 400 million users, it has access to so much data which makes it very effective at what it does.

It comes with a gaming mode which mute popup and does not interfere when you’re gaming and need all the resources you can get.

  • Sophos home

Features: up to 10 pc’s, phishing protection and parental control.

Sophos Home has a cloud-based control on all your devices, it is perfect for families with multiple devices. However it doesn’t allow schedule scans.

If you are a parent, you can limit your kids’ browsing options while getting anti-malware protection and content control.

  • Kaspersky

Features: Email scanning, real-time scanning and spyware protection

The free version of this antivirus only comes with basic feature set but it is very intuitive and easy to use.

The premium version usually tops charts of the best antivirus software, the free version is obviously is a cut down version without features like safe payments and privacy protection.

It is by far the least that will irritate you to upgrade to the full version.

  • Avira

Features: build-in VPN, system optimization and Phishing protection

The best thing about Avira, is that it doesn’t put a heavy load on your resources, it comes with a clean interface, it comes with an optional free security suite, 500mb per month VPN and ransomware protection.

It comes with several pop ups for advertisements, they aren’t too annoying for a free product.

  • AVG

Features: System optimization tools, malware scanner and phishing protection

AVG has a great track record of malware protection and the software itself is configurable. Scans however can be extremely slow while we can’t say that they have the best phishing protection out there.

AVG has the same database as Avast, but they are nowhere near offering the same level of protection as Avast.

  • Panda

Features: USB immunization, cloud-based scanning and bootable rescue kit

It comes with a usb vaccination tool, however it is not as light on your PC as it says it is.

We have noticed random CPU spikes when using this software and especially during updates.

It comes with a refreshingly different overall look.

  • 360 Total Security

Features: Malware scanner, multiple virus scanners and mobile app

While it comes with features like Bitdefender and Avira, it has a ton of ads and the tools are outdated.

It is hard not to recommend though, it offers protection from multiple engines and comes with a mobile app.

The company however failed to include in the privacy policy what it does with the data it gathers from their users.

  • ZoneAlarm

Features: Identity protection, online file backups and personal firewall

The software is really slow to install and it will install Yahoo Software without asking. However, it has the best reputation when it comes to firewall protection so it could be a consideration for those who don’t trust their router’s firewall.

User-friendly but can irritate you with alerts about every single thing. This could be helpful or annoying, depends on who you might ask.

  1. Adaware

Features: Malware scanner, behavioral analysis and download protection

Best thing about Adaware is that its gaming mode kills all notifications, but it lacks in email protection and their virus solution is far from being perfect.

The interface is shiny, but that should be the last thing you consider when choosing a antivirus software.

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