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    Watch out for these 10 Sneakiest Phone Call Scams!

    These days, phone calls are used to steal personal and bank information over the phone. It is always better not to hang up the phone if you think you are being scammed and not return their calls. Some scammers go as far as threatening you with lawsuits or hurting  a loved one to get you […] More

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    What Will Biden Do For The Electric Vehicles Industry

    The Green deal was first introduced in early 2019 in the U.S. House of Representatives. Do you have any idea what it contains? The President-elect has a details plan on his website. It is based on the green deal. I will go into details of it below. The Deal The Green New Deal is framework […] More

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    We currently have zero smart cities — by 2025 there’ll be 26

    The budget of smart cities will reach $327 billion by 2025 up from only $96 billion last year, according to a new forecast from Frost & Sullivan. The company due to the global pandemic, cities will shift their focus towards developing collaborative and data driven infrastructure to utilize in public security services and healthcare. Due […] More

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    First AI Powered Satellite is Fighting Clouds

    An AI satellite was launched in French Guiana for the first time in history back in September 2nd. Named PhySat-1, located in Earth’s orbit about 328 miles above us soaring at over 17,000 mph. its job is to monitor polar ice and soil moisture through hyperspectral-thermal imaging as well as test inter-satellite communication systems. At […] More

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    The Best Free Antivirus Software of the Year

    This guide is for you if you are overwhelmed by how many choices there are when it comes to protecting your computer. And these options we will suggest are free. If you upgraded to windows 10, you probably already know that it comes with a build-in antivirus software. And yes you shouldn’t put your trust […] More

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    Samsung fights Apple to become America’s top phone manufacturer

    Finally, after 3 long years, we can say that the Korean electronics giant is back on top in Q3 of 2020. They have sold more phones in America than any other company, including Apple. Between July and September, Reports from The Korea Herald suggesting that Samsung have taken 33.7% of the market share in the […] More

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    How ‘charging as a service’ can make powering EVs more convenient

    In order for the e-mobility to work it has to have a proper network of charging infrastructure that is both affordable to operate and convenient for the end user. CEO of GMBH, Martin Klässner explains how his company is providing smart solutions for charge point operators CPOs which grow the industry and make life simpler […] More

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    How To Tell If An Amazon Seller Can’t Be Trusted!

    Amazon was founded in 1994, and it has come a long way since then. At first, it was called Cadabra, an online marketplace for books which was operated from Jeff Bezos’s garage. Now it is the largest online marketplace in the world as well as an AI assistant provider and cloud computing platform. Retail was […] More

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    7 Of The Best Wireless Home Security Cameras You Need in 2020

    We all had dark thoughts when we leave our homes for an extended period of time like a vacation. On our way back, we ask ourselves what if we find the home broken into and everything is stolen? Back then, we didn’t have much choice, either we invest a lot of money in an expensive […] More

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    8 iPhone tips that you must know in 2020

    The tech industry moves at lightning speed, just look back at the first iPhone launch in 2007 and look at where we are now, in just 10 years we have come so far. Unless you are a geek who follows every new release closely and reads news articles every day, you have probably missed a […] More

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    7 Ways You Will Never Fall Victim Of Online Scams!

    While the internet is considered to be the greatest invention of all time, as all things, it can be used for evil and can ruin lives. That is why, you should be protected when surfing the internet from hackers and criminals. This article will help you better protect yourself with 7 tips to avoid falling […] More

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    7 Great Tips For A Strong and Safe Password

    There are many types of robberies, so If you think the doors in your house are the only doors that should be locked, then you are very wrong. You probably already know that you should always create a powerful password to protect your valuable accounts, such as your bank accounts, email accounts, etc. not creating […] More

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