The Hummer EV First Edition has been sold out… even though it doesn’t exist yet!

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What does the automobile industry have to do when there are no more auto shows due to the global pandemic? Buying advertising spots in the highly watched World Series and get people hyped over a reveal which is considered to be a combination between Mad Max and monster truck rally.

GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 is born, a very aggressive in your face attitude which was carried over from the previous generation of this semi-military vehicle and the most advanced technologies packed. This time all that power and technologies is squared with the eco-friendly electric motor from General Motors which was taking orders for the truck that it will not put into production for more than a year.

A rebirth of the Hammer, only couple of editors had the chance to actually sit in the only truck in existence and have a feel of the fully functional features. Here are their initial takeaways:

  • With the black and white aesthetic, the truck is striking.
  • It looks bigger in the photos, although with its 35 inch tires and a short bed and front end, it could be imagined as a Silverado.
  • Its design, both inside and outside, has a lot of angles.
  • The massive center screen on the dashboard appears to be floating.
  • It fits perfectly in the current trends to big pickup trucks.
  • The asking price of $112,000 seems steep but when we consider the competition’s $75,000 trucks that doesn’t offer half the technologies packed inside the Hummer nor that they have a 3 electric motor, the price doesn’t look that bad.

The mad rush to secure one

As other big companies like Tesla and Ford saw with their new electric models, it can attract a lot of attention. GM refused to say how many models it will eventually produces, but rumor has it, it’s around 1000 unit. They are however fully reserved already, and even the next models are gathering some reservations as well. Here are a few details on the launch dates:

2022 Hummer EV Edition 1, launch price at $112,595 which, as we have stated earlier, has three electric motor with 4WD propulsion system with a torque of 11,500 pound/feet from a 1000 horse power engine. The truck’s range will be around 350 miles with a 800 volt DC fast charging capability, production will begin in 2021

  • The Hummer EV3X will be cheaper at $99,995 MSRP. Like the first edition, it also had a 3 motor system with acceleration from 0 to 60 in only 3 seconds.
  • – Hummer EV2X will follows next in 2023 at only $89,995 which comes with air suspension (it can raise the suspension 6 inches). It will also come standard with four-wheel steering system.
  • Finally, Hummer EV2 will be available in 2024 for just $79,995 with only a two motor system.

According to the GM president Mark Reuss, GM is working with dealers to add tools to be able to work on the Hummer and also install the necessary DC fast charging stations. He also stated that the dealers have agreed to follow the no-haggle prices on the Hummer.

GM’s revamped Hamtramck plant has been renamed to Factory Zero, and been converted to work on the Hummer EV. The investment was roughly $2.2 billion; the Cruise Origin is also going to be built there.

Exploding electric truck market

Ford will have a fully electric F-150 as well as the GM’s Chevrolet division, so when the Hummer arrives next year it will join a highly competitive market.

The conventional pickup trucks will be challenged by another two comers, the Tesla Cybertruck as well as the Rivian R1T. Rumors has it that the Lordstown Endurance will also be available at the same time.

All the automobile manufacturers will be carving up a market segment which currently only exists as reservations. Ford has already shown a truck towing a train while Tesla had bragged about its three motor systems, Rivian has also put out multiple videos showing what its truck can do in off-road trails.

More Hummer EV details

EV has a lot of things going for it, mainly that it will be the first EV to use Ultium batteries in a 24 module double stacked skateboard chassis. The FRUNK, which is a storage compartment where the engine will normally be, you can easily store the four removable glass panels.

It comes with a 35 inch tires as standard, you can equip up to 37 inch tires with any modifications. Underbody has a protective steel plate to protect the battery pack. The truck will display torque output, terrain status and differential lock engagement, roll angles and tire pressure among many other functions.

The famous Led Zepplin lyric, the hammer of gods is coming, General Motors obviously wants you to interprets that song as the Hummer of the gods. The engineers are aiming to put this pickup truck as the overlord capable of overcoming any obstacle you throw at it.

We will find out more next year when they build more models and we get to test them.

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