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When You Need To Avoid Using Debit Or Credit Card

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We are moving closer and closer to a cashless culture, it has certainly made our life easier, we can carry credit card so we don’t have to carry a lot of cash with us and run the risk of it getting stolen or falling off.

There is a bad side to this dependency on credit card, hacking and identity theft are on the rise. Criminals are working hard to get your credit card details and take away the money you have been working hard to win. You should be careful when using your credit card and understand the risks involved.

We have a list of reasons why you shouldn’t use your credit card in certain cases both inside and outside your home. Safety is the important after all.

  1. Unsecured websites

You should always be careful when making a purchase from a website, it could be unsecured and your information will end up in the hands of hackers. Before pulling the trigger on a purchase make sure you Google the website and that is has a lock badge on it. If it is not the case, it is better to find the product elsewhere than take the risk.

  • Gas pumps and self-checkout stations

Hackers target places like gas pumps and self-checkout stations because skimming devices can be there for months without anyone notices.

Skimming devisees are small, easy to install and retrieve so the customers don’t even notice them.

In these places, cash is recommended so you don’t run the risk of revealing your personal information.

  • Outdoor ATMs

ATMs are a necessity without them we won’t be able to get money. To safely use them, make sure to choose one in public and open area, and when you are typing your pin code, make sure to cover the pad as you don’t know where a hidden camera could be installed.

Another place we think is safe and it really isn’t, pay terminals in fast food drive-throughs, hackers have easy access to safely install and retrieve skimming devices. So be extremely wary of such places.

  • Mobile applications

Never use your credit card outside the app store or the official app when using your mobile phone, pop-ups are one of the common scams out there.

Be careful of messages like you have a virus, pay $10 and unlock your encrypted files. You should definitely ignore them and know that your files are fine.

Never trust pops up and come out of nowhere. If the app is sketchy avoid using it completely.

  • Phone charging station

You know those kiosks at the airport where you have to swipe your card to charge your phone? Those are known as juice packing, hackers can steal your information as you are charging your phone. It is extremely recommended to be patient until your find a safe place to charge your dead phone.

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