Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE Have launched: which one should you buy?

Apple Watch 6
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Apple watch line up have recently received an update; mainly we are happy to see the cool new features the watchOS 7 brings to the table. Alongside some subtle changes to the design, the flagship Apple watch 6 received the brand new Apple Silicon which delivers up to 20% performance boost.

So the question remains, which smart watch should you buy in 2020?

Apple is targeting different crowds by launching both the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE. we will provide you with a rundown of both devices and detail the difference of each to help you find your ideal match.


Just like in the past, design updates to new models of Apple watches has only been minor, so if you already have an Apple watch 4 or 5 you will feel right at home with the new product.

Both watches come in a 40mm and 44mm cases with rounded corners and a digital crown with haptic feedback, 2nd generation mic and speaker, 1000 nits of brightness OLED display with 50 meters of water resistance and of course compatibility with the rest of the eco system.

Apple Watch Series 6 have the always-on display feature and the SE model does not. It comes in stainless steel, titanium and aluminum finishes, the latter is having the traditional lon-X glass display and the other two having a sapphire crystal display.

It comes in many different colors as well. Blue and Red for the aluminum finish. Gold, Graphite and Silver for the stainless steel finish. Space Black and Natural Titanium for the titanium finish. While the SE model comes only in space gray, aluminum silver and gold.

Both models however come in aluminum Nike edition and only the Series 6 comes in stainless steel Hermès edition.


The Series 6 has one major advantage over the SE, it’s the processing power. The SE model still had the same Apple S5 watch, the Series 6 has a 64 bit dual core like the S5 but with 20% more power getting closer to the firepower of the iPhone SE and 11.

With this much power comes the new U1 ultra-wideband technology for spatial awareness and 5GHz capability and also Wi-Fi. The Series 6 also had better power efficiency which reflects on its battery life.

Apples has rated the battery of the Series 6 to up to 18 hours just like the Series 5. Apple also alleges that the Series 6 has 20% faster charging than its predecessor which can get you up to a full charge in only 1.5 hours compared to the 80% of the Series 5.

The SE model will have the same battery and performance as the Series 5.


Both models can deliver elevation changes in real time due to their always-on altimeter; they pack also GPS/GNSS, gyroscope and compass as well as the LTE and UMTS technologies.

Series 6 being the more expensive model comes with a brand new blood oxygen sensor which let you monitor your oxygen saturation levels. Which very convenient from Apple due to the times we currently live in.

The features both models have in common are the irregular heart rhythm alerts, optical heart sensor, low and high heart rate notifications, fall detection and international emergency calling.

The new watchOS 7 features include sleep tracking, improved map with cycling direction, dance workout, refined complications and the relative to our situation automatic hand washing detection.


Apple wanted to target the budget friendly consumer by the SE model, pricing it at $279, Apple makes it more accessible than the more expensive Series 6. The latter comes with $120 premium with the GPS models costing a whopping $399.

If you want to upgrade to the LTE models, the SE becomes $329 while the Series 6 $499, that is an increase of $50 and $100 respectively in order to go jogging without taking your phone with you.

Obviously if you are on a budget, the SE GPS model is your best value as long as you don’t mind carrying your phone too when you go on trails.


Apple brings the watch to more accessible budget by reducing the SE model prices by $120 to $170, however is it worth it?

As always, that depends. It depends on what you are looking to get out of your watch. The Series 6 is not only faster, more powerful but it also comes with features that may be significant for someone with health concerns. It also comes with wide variety of aesthetically pleasing color and finishes.

However, if those said features are not important to you, and you just need something reliable to track your fitness and activity levels then you can easily choose the SE model. The $100 you save could be better spent elsewhere, maybe a charging dock.

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