PlayStation 5 review: Bold and beautiful

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No doubt that the PS5 is making a big entrance with its huge dimensions and unique shape. But it definitely has lot more subtle changes going in next-gen.

We have tested a review unit sent from Sony about a month ago with couple of new games as well. I have spent hours and hours testing it, but not until I went back to my ps4 to play with a mate that I realize how big of an upgrade the PS5 is.

The White Knight

At first glance I loved the futuristic design of the PS5, even though I don’t like how    big it is. However, if I don’t appreciate how big it is, I am certainly impressed by what is inside, the PS5 packs a very powerful CPU and GPU, which are chilled by an impressive cooling system. I put in extensive sessions of play time, and not once was the console more than warm to the touch, not only that, but it is also very quiet compared to jet-engine of the PS4.

Graphically speaking, it is not a huge leap from the previous generation to this one, but it is certainly smooth playing games at 4k and 60 fps. Ray tracing, to me, were only noticeable when I switched back to the ps4 and they weren’t there.

Arguably, the most important upgrade is the SSD, when you first load a game with your PS5, it won’t be how beautiful the graphics are, but how fast it loads and you don’t have to wait around waiting  for that loading bar to finish.

Any game I put in whether it is a new game or an old PS4 disk, the loading times are uncanny,  it is just a matter of seconds until you are ready to continue where you left off.

The only downside to the console design in my opinion, and this will sound  very picky, the  buttons in the front are a bit concealed, the  power button and the eject button are  hard to find with the black background, I just wished they would light up when the console is on.

At first glance, many features of the PS5 are hidden, you can tap the PS logo button to access them, and you can have access to notifications, download queue and the trophy list. You will appreciate that the new control center system is that you can access it while in game without going back to the main menu.

The new UI felt a bit cluttered, speaking as  someone who  is used to the trophy system in the PS4, I did  not like that I have to press an additional button to get to home from within a game, but once I got used to it, I do not want to go back to the PS4’s system.

An additional feature of the PS5’s control center is the ability to know how close you are to a trophy and can even links to a guide on how to pass a certain section of the game. It has many features (more than I would have liked). I am just wondering if all the features will be taken advantage by developers.

One of my favorites changes must be the new controller, the design is spectacular with the new frosty white color, if you are coming from a PS4 controller, it will definitely feel different bigger, actually more like an Xbox controller.

That is not a bad thing, I play a lot of Astro’s Playroom, and you can really feel every bit of resistance when you pull a lever or when you’re gliding. It is really impressive and something you have to feel for yourself to appreciate.

While it is fascinating within the confines of Astro’s Playroom, the New Dual Sense does not feel the same when playing any other game, as its features are not utilized. The new controller will only live up to its true potential if developers put in the extra effort to take advantage of it.

 The new console launch is not as impressive when it comes to the games line-up, although I wouldn’t blame the console for it, there are many factors, a global pandemic is one of them, as of why the lack of games at launch.

I played Miles Morales and Astro’s Playroom, but quickly I find myself wanting more and more. The backwards computability certainly helps in this regard. The PlayStation Plus collection brings the best of PS4 to the new generation.

Transferring games from the PS4 to the PS5, as the PS5 box suggests, is far from ideal, both consoles need to be on the same network. The best way I found and would recommend is plugging in an external hard drive.

In conclusion

PS5 will be an amazing experience for the next-gen games when the eventually get released. The new UI is brilliant, the new controller is impressive, and it will be up to the developer to fully utilize. The PS5 is great only great at playing last gen games; it will do that with lightning speed.

The PS5 launched on November 12th with a price of $499 and a diskless version of $399.

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