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7 Of The Best Wireless Home Security Cameras You Need in 2020

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We all had dark thoughts when we leave our homes for an extended period of time like a vacation. On our way back, we ask ourselves what if we find the home broken into and everything is stolen? Back then, we didn’t have much choice, either we invest a lot of money in an expensive home security system or just roll the dice.

Nowadays, we have the internet and smartphones, we can finally have the peace of mind with affordable IP cameras. They can stream live videos to your phone, tablet or PC with the possibility to get instant notifications in case of loud noises or motion detected in your home.

  1. Netgear ARLO Q

One of the most sold wireless security camera for home usage. It is well known for a great video quality and motion detection. It offers a very easy to use interface and has a build in flexible scheduling.

It is subscription based which does offer you the past week’s recordings for no extra cost for the lifetime of the device.

  • EZVIZ Mini O 1080p

This is an affordable options which offer a good video quality both in the dark and day settings.

It comes with a fully featured app that offers motion sensitivity and a schedule which you can set when the camera turn off and on. Another feature that you will find interesting is that you can save the video files locally in the SD card.

If you opt out of the cloud storage option, your options become limited to live camera feed, and push notification with Snapchat. You can also control the device using Alexa or Google assistant.

  • Nest Cam Indoor

The third iteration of the famous Dropcam, it is well known for the sharp video quality even at night time. You can set up anywhere in the house due to its magnetic swiveling base.

You are required however, to pay $10 monthly fee to benefit from the features it offers.

  • NetGear ARLO Pro

You can use this camera indoors and outdoors, you can use a power cord to power it up or batteries. It has motion detection, intercom function and night vision.

As you can see from the picture, this camera is water proof and has a 130 degree field of view with 720p video.

  • Ring Floodlight Cam

When motion is detected the Ring Floodlight Cam will turn its two powerful floodlights on. You can see what is going on in your front door as well as your neighborhood.

It comes with a yearly plan of only $30.


This camera has sophisticated environmental sensors that can monitor humidity, air quality and heat. It comes with an intuitive mobile app and excellent sound quality.

It has intercom and geofencing built in. the intercom is so loud that it is capable to freaking out any intruder, while the geofencing automatically turns on when you leave your property.

  • NETATMO Welcome

This is the only camera in our list that has this amazing feature, facial recognition. It has the capability of remembering everyone’s face in your household and it can create personalized profile for each one.

You can keep track of who comes in and out of your house easily. Their mobile app and desktop interface still need some refinement but their camera quality is good.

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