Apple’s iPhone 12 Studio lets you build a phone which will hurt your wallet

Image credit: ©MKPCaptain/pixabay

Want to get yourself a brand new iPhone 12 but you are not sure which color combination to pick? Apple’s Studio got you covered.

Apple has just launched an interactive mobile web will help to you customize your new phone’s color along with the MagSafe and the wallet attachment. Meaning you can easily create bit of art like this:

iPhone Studio is too much similar to the Apple Watch Studio, which I found very helpful when I bought my first Apple’s wearable. Only difference is that iPhone Studio does not work on desktop.

It is very easy to use; first you need to choose which iPhone version from the four models available.

Then you move on to customizing, you can start by choosing the color of the device, and then choose the color of the MagSafe. Finally you need to choose which wallet you want at the back of your phone.

User-friendly, is what I would describe using this app. You can spend a lot of time fantasizing about which new iPhone will end up destroying your actual wallet, before pulling the trigger on the purchase and ruining your financials.

And yes, I have spent more time on this app than I can admit.

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