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How ‘charging as a service’ can make powering EVs more convenient

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In order for the e-mobility to work it has to have a proper network of charging infrastructure that is both affordable to operate and convenient for the end user. CEO of GMBH, Martin Klässner explains how his company is providing smart solutions for charge point operators CPOs which grow the industry and make life simpler for business and clients.

Smart Software Solutions

When the Tesla’s Roadster first saw light back in 2008, many players rushed to develop the hardware as we all knew e-mobility is the future. Me on the other hand, I was thinking about how software help improve the processes behind charging infrastructure. In 2013 we launched had-to-be to provide smart solutions for the charging infrastructure of the ever growing industry.

Simplifying complex business

When we first started working on solutions for charging stations, seeing how combustion vehicles are different to electric cars, electricity is something that everybody already has whereas gasoline is harder and much more complicated commodity to distribute. This meant that there will be more opportunities created for smaller players but on the other hand, it was harder to manage the servicing, control, calibration and billing.

Given that the digital solutions and cloud platform coincide with the e-mobility revolution meant that we had to prepare ourselves for legal and compliance complexities as well.

In Europe, we thought that hardware will not be an issue as electricity is available everywhere, so we focused on the back end so that businesses can focus on core concerns. This sounds easier said than done. There are hundreds of types of charging stations in Europe and the market is not only intermediated by CPOs but also by e-mobility service providers and roaming platforms.

Every need has a solution

As we have made a decision to focus on software alone, we needed to create a solution for every possible need. Since we targeted businesses we wanted to help them meet their clients’ need while maintaining their brand feel and look.

Be.ENERGISED is out cloud based software platform which is the foundation of our business model. It has recorded 4 million charges across 30 different countries with more than 30 000 charge points. Currently, it is compatible with over 640 type of charging points and with our roaming network it can facilitate more than 180 000 charge points.

Our platform offer businesses to maximize customers while reducing the hassle of billing of tax and our Community option can open their services to external customers, agreements with EMP’s and leverage our marketing through the driver’s station locator. The formula is simple, the CPO will be credited at the end of each month minus our service fees and we cover any payment defaults.

Convenient service for all e-mobility users

The world is moving towards car sharing, so the idea of mobility as a service will help facilitate the change. Our goal is to make it simple. We will customers by the cost saving and ease of using our digital app when wanting to charge a vehicle. Our end goal is to help our customers offer intuitive experience for their clients with an app that guides them to the optimal charging location and charge their vehicle with few taps on their device.

In order to achieve our goal we need collaboration, hence our ChargeUp Europe alliance who are asking for more investment in charging infrastructure and demanding a smoother transition. We have close a deal with the giant Volkswagen Group to commit to a 100% electric fleet by the year 2050/ We are doing our best to lobby governments to set up new policies and stands in calibration, licensing and VAT and many other issues facing our industry.

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