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What3words is making millions of car satnavs a lot more accurate and easier to use

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Satnavs which is used in millions of cars in both Europe and North America is set to get a significant upgrade due to a partnership between two mapping companies.

HERE is owned by BMW, Audi and Daimler and announced a partnership that will end to What3words in a whole host of many in-vehicle satellite navigation systems.

You shouldn’t feel bad in you  never heard of HERE, it is an OEM supplier which provides technology used in over 50 million cards, most people outside the industry have never heard of it, but it is suffice to say that every  4 out of 5 cars is being sold right now uses its technology.

What3words main focus to the ease of sharing locations around the world, they have mapped the whole planet, splitting it to a three meter by three meter square, and which one have unique word name.

Which makes sharing new locations extremely easy?

Jørgen Behrens from the service HERE Technologies said: “Every car maker can now provide the What3words service to their customers through the Here Search API rather than having to integrate it themselves. This going to allow drivers to drive easily in dense, urban environments with non-standard addressing schemes or seamlessly get to any location, be it a local pub or a trailhead.”

In order to reach this level of accuracy when using satnavs, we usually have to provide exact coordinates of both longitude and latitude which is slow and cumbersome to say the least.

Most people rely on zip or postal code when setting up a destination in a satnav, although it is much easier but it usually provides a big of an area to be an accurate destination.

HERE and What3words say that by integrating their systems together, drivers can speak with any  of the 35 languages or simply type 3 words into t heir satnav to set a destination

Most emergency services already use What3words’ system, but they didn’t find much use in the mainstream, probably because Applications like Whatssap have very user friendly way to sharing locations when you want to find your mate on the move.

Business that are located in the middle of nowhere can now easily share three words which will help their clients find their way to them. One case proves to be very useful with are temporary events such as music festivals, which usually have multiple entrances and spread out in a geographic areas that have minimum to no signage at all.

This new system will be available as an add-on for existing HERE’s clients and can be easily incorporated for new clients as well. Although at this time,  it is not clear which car manufacturers are going to offer this service.

There are reasons why car manufacturers feel reluctant to implement such services; they don’t want to spend internal resources developing it. They would rather benefit from the enhancements HERE brings to the table.

HERE reported that they are working on upgrading cars that have already HERE on their system, and updates should ruling out soon.

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