8 iPhone tips that you must know in 2020

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The tech industry moves at lightning speed, just look back at the first iPhone launch in 2007 and look at where we are now, in just 10 years we have come so far. Unless you are a geek who follows every new release closely and reads news articles every day, you have probably missed a couple of features the iPhone has to offer.

So, here are eight tips and tricks you should know about.

  1. Prevent apps from asking for feedback

We all experienced the annoying pop up that appears when using an app, asking for our feedback. If you were enjoying the app, however, you stopped enjoying it as soon as it appeared.

Few quick step will let you stop those pop ups. Go to iPhone’s settings, go to iTunes & App store and from there you can turn off the in-app ratings and reviews. you should leave feedback on your own time when you enjoy an app.

  • Notifications

We all know how inconvenient the sound notification can be sometimes. It is possible to be alerted by new messages by a visual cue. You can activate this feature by going to Settings, Accessibility and then from Audio/Visual you can enable LED Flash for Alerts. You will get blink when you receive new alerts while silent or locked.

  • Hide Private Pictures

Do you get nervous everytime member of your family or friends go through your album photos? Do you know you can hide photos that are sensible to you?

In the Photos apps, select photos and videos you wish to hide, then press share icon and click hide. Now all your photos move to a hidden album and you won’t find them in the photos app.

  • iPhone Battery optimization

we know that the iPhones battery life is not the best. Apple has been increasingly trying to improve the lifespan of the battery as well as its performance using machine learning and optimizing the software.

In the iOS 13, Apple has added a new feature, using deep learning, to predict when you plug in your phone and when you take it off. In order to increase the lifespan of the battery, as we all know staying in a full charge for long period of time reduces the lifespan of the lithium-ion battery. This feature however may not be good for someone with unpredictable charging schedule. So in order to disable it, go to settings, battery then from battery health you can turn off Optimized Battery charging.

  • Flashlight brightness

Don’t you feel that sometimes, the iphone’s flashlight is too bright? Luckily you can adjust its brightness by opening up the control center, hold the flashlight icon until a menu pops up you can then select the level desired and you are done.

  • Timer to lock the phone

Many experts recommend not using your phone in bed as it reduce the sleep quality. Many people don’t seem to care at all. However, we all had an experience of falling asleep while watching a video or listening to a podcast. Then you will be happy to know that you can set a timer to automatically shut off any app and lock the phone. Go to the Clock app, press Timer in the bottom right corner, choose the time you want, and finally press When Timer Ends and choose Stop Playing.

  • Reachability

As the iPhones screen get bigger, people with small hands are having a difficult time reaching everything in the screen. Apple has introduced a way your can bring everything closer to the bottom half of the screen to help you use the phone with one hand.

You can activate it by going to the Settings, Accessibility, Touch and turn on Reachability. Finally you can just swipe down on the bottom edge of the screen and everything will be reachable to your fingers.

There is similar feature for the keyboard as well. Hold the Emoji button, you can readjust the characters closer to you to make writing messages much easier and faster.

  • Teach Siri

Did you know you can teach Siri how to pronounce names correctly? Using Siri to call friends is very handy, but sometimes it is difficult to interpret certain names, but Siri is a fast learner and here is how to teach her.

Let say for example you want to teach her to pronounce your friend’s name Arantxa, pick up your phone and say “hey Siri, show me Arantxa contact” by spelling it. Siri will respond by asking you if you meant Aranxa, Say Yes. Then simply tell her “you pronounced it wrong” Siri will ask you how it should pronounce it and you need to correct her and go from there.

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